Originally from France, I moved to New York City in 2014, it has been the biggest challenge and most exciting adventure of my life. It propelled my career into all corners of the entertainment industry, from movie sets, amusement parks and fashion week events to theaters and Broadway stages; offering me opportunities to work in numerous exceptional venues, expanding my curriculum along the way. I have a degree in Spatial Design and Visual Arts from Ecole Boulle, Paris, I now work as freelance artist in the United States, based in Brooklyn, NY. I see myself as a ‘swiss army knife’ artisan, a resourceful ‘craftsWoman’ able to tap into my multifaceted experiences to offer a wide array of creative solutions to my clients. 


My initial training was in the paint department. I specialize in scenic techniques such as faux finishes, backdrops, murals, and scenery elements that require aging, patina, or color matching. I am detail oriented, and love recreating realistic or natural textures that “trick” audiences into thinking what they see is real. I have had the opportunity to be a scenic crew leader many times. I excel at synthetizing complex projects to make a team come together and accomplish my clients’ requests accurately. I have expertise over a wide range of technical scenic products, this helps me make the best decisions about what to use to fulfill my client’s vision while staying within their budget and timeline.


I worked as an on-set properties master for several years in Paris. The fast pace of movie sets let me develop acute problem solving skills, challenging me to find quick solutions to a host of situations with limited time and resources. As a props artisan today, I have developed this expertise to be able to solve technical demands that arise with each new project. For the past couple years I have been developing my casting and mold making expertise, exploring extensively Smooth On products (among many other) to offer tailored pieces to my clients. My thirst for limitless, innovative abilities pushed me to learn how to use a great range of tools and materials (Wood, Plastics, Foam, Resin, Metal, Soft goods…) allowing me to think across the board and answer to virtually any creative demand.



From all I have learnt in crossing over many departments, job sites, and projects I am always up and excited about the next challenge. I excel at helping my clients articulate their ideas to bring their visual concepts to life. Want a sculpture made out of car parts or wigs? Need a 10 ft. diameter oversized hat or a sculpted tree you can jump on? I thrive on contributing my skills and expertise towards a larger creative process. I believe that art, culture, and entertainment should be accessible to all. Reach out, let me help you push the boundaries of your unique vision and let’s make art together whatever shape, form, size, or material it wants to be!